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Speaker | Host | COACH | Social entre​preneur

Activate the Next Level In You

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Certified Life & Purpose Activation Coaching

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The coaching, books, training, and apparel we provide are lovingly and carefully designed to ensure your personal, professional, and spiritual growth and Activation. Click below to select from our library of coaching and personal development tools. 

Enjoy your journey Of Activation! 

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Speaker & Host

Melissa is a sought after National Speaker and Influencer in Sales, Marketing & Motivation. 

As Host of The Activation Hour Radio Show on 108 Praise Radio, her mission is to activate the next level in you! 

She is a dynamic voice ready to activate your audience for your conferences, meetings and program hosting!  


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Coach & Consultant

Melissa is the CEO & Principal Coach & Consultant of The Activation Hour, LLC., a Coaching & Consulting Firm. 

We focus on Faith-Based Life Coaching for Purpose Activation & Income Maximization. We offer several packages for hourly, monthly and full day sessions to help create a tailored coaching experience to activate your life to the next level. 

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Social Entrepreneur

As Founder & Executive Director of Writing Our Wrongs, Inc. Melissa is purposed to empower youth to activate their voice through writing and speech in the platforms of anti-bullying and social justice. Connect today to schedule a program for your school or youth organization and activate your voice in the community. 

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Wrongs, Inc.